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All the news you’ve ever wanted to know about the InDeCoRe Program and character education, gathered by the 4th grade students of The Peck School.

The following article is taken from the Peck School's website.

Individual Development and Community Responsibility


The InDeCoRe program began at Peck in the fall of 2002 as a school-wide initiative to promote positive character development and a strong community. It was born out of the desire to further support and uphold the nonacademic aspects of The Peck School’s Mission Statement including the promotion of “a caring and supportive environment” as well as “the development of personal values, including a positive awareness of self, individual and consideration of others.” Since its inception, InDeCoRe has been universally embraced by faculty and parents while becoming a tangible anchor in guiding the development of character values and pro-social behavior among Peck students.

In maintaining the tradition as a “family school”, the InDeCoRe program works in partnership with parents to purposefully teach, model and illustrate basic character values such as respect, responsibility, empathy, etc. Throughout the year, faculty use innovative and developmentally appropriate means to recognize and reinforce positive character traits, while encouraging students to define and build their unique strengths and virtues. At the same time, students are actively encouraged to take initiative in utilizing these characteristics to build a strong, responsible and considerate community. As it is a partnership, the impact of the InDeCoRe program is influenced by the extent to which families embrace and model these ideals in their home.

Peck student walk to raise money for the hungry.
The following are some highlights of how InDeCoRe is embedded in the Peck community:

A Faculty Team for InDeCoRe Values that creates and promotes developmentally appropriate InDeCoRe based curriculum for the Lower and Upper School.

Homework-free Family Nights each trimester when families read and discuss a story or case study of a specific character value.

The Consideration of Others rubric outlining for each grade a sequence of developmentally appropriate social behaviors that are taught, expected and upon which student’s are rated on their report cards.

Discipline that holds students accountable and responsible while enabling them to reflect on their actions and choices through “teachable moments.”

The Department of Physical Education and Athletics solid and consistent emphasis on teamwork and good sportsmanship.

The Technology Department’s LARK Policy (Legal, Appropriate, Responsible and Kind) which guides the acceptable use of all school-related technology.

Reach Across activities designed to bring Lower School and Upper School students together to promote community integration and responsibility.

Community Service Projects in each grade which students organize and participate in throughout the year.

Lower School and Upper School Newspapers produced by students which highlight community events and student activities beyond the academic realm. This eNewspaper is brought to you by the Lower School students of the fourth grade.