Literature with LauraBy Laura Wynne

One of the InDeCoRe values we learn about at Peck is perseverance. When I think of perseverance, I think of the Nancy Drew series written by Carolyn Keene. I sat down with Nancy Drew and talked to her about how she perseveres in every mystery.


Laura: Nancy, I was fascinated by the book The Moonstone Castle Mystery.
Nancy: Thank you Laura, but you shouldn't be giving me all the credit, some of it has to go to the author Caro
lyn Keene.
Laura: When you received the moonstone did you know it was going to lead you into this mystery?
Nancy: Actually, Bess, George, and I were puzzled when I got the moonstone.
: Nancy, what InDeCoRe value do you think you showed in the book?
Nancy: Definitely perseverance because there were many times when I wanted to give up, but I didn't.
Laura: What other character values do you demonstrate in this book?
Nancy: Well, I was loyal to Mr. Wheeler.
Laura: Why is Mr. Wheeler important to this book?
Nancy: He is important because without him the mystery would still be unsolved.
Laura: Can you tell me more about Mr. Wheeler?
Nancy: Sure, once he was trapped in "The Moonstone Castle".
Laura: How did he become trapped?
Nancy: We were crossing the moat and suddenly we were capsized. Someone brought him to the the hospital because he had fainted and we couldn't revive him. When Bess, George, and I heard someone had taken him we went straight to his house. He wasn't there so we decided to go investigate "The Moonstone Castle". I heard moaning, it was coming from a closet inside the dungeon!
Laura: What was your favorite adventure in this book?
Laura: Did you enjoy swimming in the moat?
Nancy: Yes, I did enjoyed swimming because I've never swam in a moat before.
Laura: Who would you suggest this book to?
Nancy: I would suggest this book to anyone who likes mysteries or the Hardy Boys.