Interviewing Dr. O’Rourke

4th grade students support the InDeCoRe program by wearing the InDeCoRe braclets

By Mary Pagano and Gabriel Sim

We interviewed Dr. O’Rourke for our 4th grade InDeCoRe Newspaper. This experience taught us many things about the character education program at The Peck School. We want to share with you some of Dr. O’Rourke’s experiences with the InDeCoRe Program. Here is our conversation:

Mary… “What inspired you to start the InDeCoRe Program?”

Dr. O’Rourke … “There were some children in 4th and 5th Grade who were having trouble socially. I wanted to respond to these problems in a way that the entire Peck community might learn from it.

Gabe … “When did the program start?”

Dr. O’Rourke … “The program started in the fall of 2001.”

Mary… “How did you come up with the name?”

Dr. O’Rourke …" I came up with Individual Development Community Responsibility. Mr. Frothingham, the headmaster before Mr. Kowalik came up with the name.”

Gabe … “Why did you think it was a good idea?”

Dr. O’Rourke… “I thought having a school wide program would enable problems to be eliminated before they started."

Mary… “What have you done to improve the InDeCoRe Program since it first began?”

Dr. O’Rourke… "The InDeCoRe Program has improved from just solving social problems to educating students, faculty, and parents about six important character values.”

Gabe… “What ideas do you have for the future?”

Dr. O’Rourke … “Some ideas I have for the future are developing more school wide community programs, creating new programs for parents, and providing more educational programs for teachers.

Mary… “How can the people at Peck help make the InDeCoRe Program successful?”

Dr. O’Rourke … “Everyone can help the InDeCoRe Program by listening and attending the programs that are offered. Everyone should think about the six character values that are emphasized. They also need to work at making good choices about their behavior so that it reflects these values.

Dr.O' Rourke was very pleased with her interview

Thank you Dr. O’Rourke