by Art Ruiz and James Parker.

Honesty is the value of speaking the truth and creating trust in other people. When you speak honestly you tell the truth to people, like if you steal or break something, you tell the person that it was you who did it. Honesty is one of the best values out there, for if there was no honesty, a lot of bad people would get away with breaking and stealing things, and the world would be bad.

Abraham Lincoln is a great example of honesty. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Hardin County, Kentucky. Ever since he was young he was very honest. Even as a child, he would only tell the truth. When he was a teenager he worked at a general store. He worked as the cashier and it was his job to count the money every night. One night when he was counting the money he found that he had given a little boy the wrong change. He walked over to the little boy’s house to give him his money back. Abraham Lincoln helped everybody in need.

Young Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln as president