By Renee Safran and Mackinley Taylor

The Peck InDeCore program teaches students about important character traits and how to handle difficult situations involving their peers. Our main question for this article was,“Do you think the Peck InDeCore program works?” We decided that we would ask people for their opinion, add our opinion, and list why it does or doesn’t work. We learned a lot about the InDeCoRe program.

After talking to many students we believe that Kairos night and the Peck InDeCore program work for several reasons. Spending Kairos time with your family is important because everyone is so busy it is hard to find time to talk to your parents about issues that are bothering you. The program teaches students the six InDeCoRe values of responsibility, respect, empathy, perseverance, loyalty and honesty. We also get together with other grades to discuss ways to stop bullying. We recently worked with the eighth grade to make posters about bullies, victims, and bystanders.

After hearing everyone else's opinions, we decided that we mostly agreed with them, but there were some things that we disagreed with. We like the idea of getting to talk about many different situations with our families and we also agreed that sometimes it can get a little boring. But, on the other hand, we think that talking about the situations in school can be fun,

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