Clara Barton-By Emma Blanchard & Amelia Coffey

One InDeCoRe value is kindness or empathy. Our assignment was to write an article on a famous person who exemplifies empathy. We chose Clara Barton because she created the Red Cross out of the goodness of her heart. Clara was born in Central Massachusetts in a town north of Oxford, on Christmas Day in 1821. Her full name is Clarissa Harlow Barton. Her Civil War work began in 1861.

Clara Barton was a teacher for ten years before the Civil War. When the war began, She comforted the wounded soldiers and assisted the surgeons. After the Civil War, she created the American Red Cross and helped to identify 13,000 unknown soldiers. Clara Barton served as the Red Cross director until she died in 1912. She also setup one of the first public schools in Massachusetts. She felt that education was very important. Clara saved the lives of many people and changed our world with her kindness.