Lou Gehrig: Team Player

-By William Schwartz and George Parsells

gehrig2.jpeg Lou Gehrig played with the Yankees and only the Yankees for 13 straight years. But there is more to know about this superstar slugger. When he was a child, Lou helped out whenever he could to make extra money for his financially struggling family. When he was not working, he played baseball. When he was in high school, he was a baseball star. Scouts were looking at him ever since he hit a home run in a championship game at Wrigley Field. Although he was a great baseball player, he was always extremely modest about his playing. Even though many other teams probably offered him contracts, he remained loyal to New York. He persevered through injuries and sicknesses, including ALS. On July 4, 1939, he delivered one of the most famous speeches in baseball. He said, “You’ve been reading about how I’m retiring. Maybe you think it's a bad break. But today I think I’m the luckiest man alive.” Lou Gehrig was a great man on and off of the baseball field. He displayed loyalty, modesty and perseverance.