Maggie Doyne

By Ariel Claxton and Lindsay Muller

Who is Maggie Doyne? After reading this article you will never forget. Maggie Doyne is a 22 year old woman from Mendham, NJ. After her senior year of high school she decided that she wanted to travel the world, instead of going straight to college. She went to Surkhet, Nepal. While she was in Nepal she found homeless and orphaned children who did not have basic things that we all take for granted. She couldn't believe that they did not have homes, schools, books, or proper medical care. Instead of continuing to travel the world she decided to stay and help these children. Maggie decided to use the money she had saved from babysitting to build a home and school for the children.

Maggie worked diligently and got many other people to donate money. People and schools all over New Jersey have heard about her and want to help "her children." At Peck, we have had two bake sales and will collect money for her during World Cultures evening . Now there are twenty children living in the Kopila Valley Children's Home, and she was able to enroll sixty children into school.

Maggie Doyne is a great inspiration and we can't wait to see what she does next.