Which values are most important to the Peck Lower School?

by Tyler Nortillo and Garrett Ryon

Garrett and I were wondering which InDeCoRe value was the most important. We came up with a survey to give to all 173 students in the Lower School. The choices for most important values were Honesty, Respect, Kindness, Responsibility, Perseverance, and Loyalty. Once everyone takes the survey, we will go around collecting all of the surveys and create a graph with the results. All of the classes have returned their surveys and we have tallied up all of the results. The results were Kindness; 54, Honesty; 46, Respect; 19, Perseverance; 18, Responsibility; 18, and Loyalty; 16. You can see that kindness was overall the most popular choice. Honesty came right behind it by just eight votes. Loyalty was the least popular 38 votes behind kindness. We saw some interesting results from this survey.