Movies with Mandy

Mandy Van Orden

I recently saw the movie Akeelah and the Bee. It was
phenomenal. It had a great InDeCoRe value; that value
was perseverance. In the movie there was a 12-year-old
African American girl named Akeelah. Akeelah always
had a love for words and one day because of that love
for words Akeelah had a man who lived on her street, train her
so she could go to the National Spelling Bee. She persevered
through every lesson. One day her teacher told her that she
was ready. She tried out for the National Spelling Bee.
She persevered and studied diligently. Akeelah and another
boy made it to the final round. I do not want to ruin the ending
for you, but I was inspired to work hard after watching this movie.
If you are looking for an inspiring movie to rent, go out today
and get Akeelah and the Bee. That’s all for now from Movies with Mandy.