Cyber bullying

By Morgan Curtis and Oliver Stitt

For the Fourth Grade InDeCoRe newspaper, we interviewed Mrs. Becker about cyber bullying. We met with her and she answered some questions and shared her thoughts on cyber bullying. Here’s how it went.

Oliver: How does cyber bullying affect the internet?

Mrs. Becker: Cyber bullying is not the internet, it is more that the internet allows the bully to remain faceless.

Morgan: Is cyber bullying more hurtful then bullying in person?

Mrs. Becker: Yes, it is more hurtful because a message you receive could be sent to many people.

Oliver: Have you ever been cyber bullied?

Mrs. Becker: No

Morgan: What percent of internet users cyber bully purposely?

Mrs. Becker: A small percent, about the same as in real life.

Oliver: What percent of the internet users do cyber bulliying accidentally?

Mrs. Becker: About the same as real life, it is easy to misinterpret what somebody may say on an email, or chat space.

Morgan: What should you do when you are cyber bullied?

Mrs. Becker: The number one thing that you should do is don't respond, tell an adult if you can and if it is someone you know set up a meeting.

Oliver: What is more common, cyber bulliying or bullying in person?

Mrs. Becker: Bullying in person because children don't use the internet very much.

Morgan: What does cyber bullying mean to you?

Mrs. Becker: Inappropriate communication that causes the receiver to feel hurt.

Oliver: Do you think cyber bullying takes place more on email or in chatrooms?

Mrs. Becker: I think more in chatrooms than in email.

Next time you go on the computer remember how hurtful cyber bullying can be!