Respect Kindness Empathy Loyalty Perseverance Honesty

Mrs. Pelaez

Mrs. Pelaez is one of the fourth grade teachers here at The Peck School. I am inspired to help the InDeCoRe team. Mrs. Pelaez has inspired many students. She is an inspiration, because of what she does at the school, such as community service, hunger walks, and movie nights. Mrs. Pelaez, you have inspired me and everyone around you.
You have inspired me to be all of our special character values. You have taught me and all of my friends to show respect, be kind, to show empathy, loyalty, perseverance, and honesty. I love the InDeCoRe program. In fact, I have interviewed Dr. O'Rouke because she started the InDeCoRe program. My friends and I love Mrs. Pelaez but even more we love what she does for the school.