Mrs. Sharma's P.R.O's boardBy Brodie Denholm and Josh Szott

Mrs. Sharma, head of the Lower School, has recently created a bulletin board called the P.R.O’s board. P.R.O stands for People Respecting Others. We interviewed her and asked these questions about the P.R.O’s board.

J&B: Why did you create the P.R.O’s board?
Mrs. Sharma: I created it because I wanted to find a way to recognize the students who made a great effort toward using the character traits in their everyday life.
J&B: What do you think it is teaching the students?
Mrs. Sharma: The P.R.O’s board is teaching them to think about character education.
J&B: What are all the character values?
Mrs. Sharma: The character values are respect, kindness, perseverance, loyalty, honesty, responsibility, and empathy.
J&B: What is your favorite character value?
Mrs. Sharma: I think all of them are important in order to make each
student become a great citizen when they grow up.
J&B: Did you come up with the P.R.O’s board by yourself?
Mrs. Sharma: After some inspiration, I thought it would be good for the Lower School. I made the plans myself so I guess you could say that.
J&B: What was your inspiration?
Mrs. Sharma: I read about a school doing something similar.
J&B: What is your favorite part about the P.R.O’s board?
Mrs. Sharma: My favorite part is putting up the photographs.
J&B: What do you think it will achieve?
Mrs. Sharma: I think that students that are not on the P.R.O’s board will be inspired to get on the P.R.O’s board. I’m always trying to promote the character values.