By Devin Hohman & Danny Merritt
John McCain was the Republican Presidential candidate in 2008. His running mate was Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska. He is an outstanding example of the InDeCoRe character trait of respect. He has always been known for this but his reaction to his loss in November made people very aware of this. John McCain called up Obama to congratulate him that night.
The next day, hundreds of McCain's fans said they disliked the country’s choice. Senator McCain told them to respect Obama. The fans booed him. Then he gave a speech about how he believes in treating even his enemies with respect, if they respect him.
Obama thanked McCain for his respectful behavior. They shook hands and said, "Nice campaign.” McCain also showed respect for our country by fighting in the Vietnam War. He was a pilot and was held in captivity. McCain is truly a role model that we should all look up to.
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