Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Man Who Had Many Responsibilities

By Ben Bollinger and Patrick Gilfillan

At the Peck School we have six different character values. They are respect, empathy, perseverance, honesty, loyalty, and responsibility. A famous person who has shown one of these values is Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. He shows responsibility because he was one of the most famous civil rights leaders in Montgomery, Alabama. He had a family Before he was a preacher he went to school and he was responsible there too, and the teachers would always rely on him for important jobs. At his work he would always help other people even if they were a different race. He also felt that the state that he lived in could be better and anybody that wanted to help him he would never let down. He also had time for everything, even when white people tried to burn his house down and tried to kill him. He always told the people that were mad at him to calm down and to not get upset just because he was black. His family also had time for himself even though African American people did not have rights. So stand up for what you believe in and Martin Luther King is a great icon and role model.