Robin Ross Assembly

Written By Wesley Streicher & Shannon Lamb
The Robin Ross Assembly is an opportunity to show the achievements made by the fourth graders. This assembly has taken place for the past four years and this year will be the fifth year. It is held in the middle to the end of May each year and the teachers begin preparing for it as early as December.
The Robin Ross Assembly is an hour long and many things happen during the hour. Fourth grade awards and the presentation to all fourth graders of an InDeCoRe book takes place in this assembly. The awards that the fourth graders get are called the Sheila Slutsker Award for the Arts and the Andy Gaffney Sportsmanship Award. Never has a fourth grader gotten both awards because teachers want to acknowledge as many fourth graders as possible.The Robin Ross Assembly is to make sure that the fourth graders are showcased.
Also, during the assembly a community member is acknowledged for their outstanding character. The community member makes a speech about being honored and how they feel about receiving this important award.
A new award will be presented for the first time this year. It is called the InDeCoRe Award. The fourth graders get to vote for a person who will recieve this award. The person presented with the award has to have shown all the Peck InDeCoRe values throughout their years at Peck. Each fourth grader gets to nominate up to three fourth graders to be presented with the award. The students should keep their choices confidential. They also have to explain why they chose who they did. It was very hard for nearly every fourth grader, but I know that everyone must have made a good choice.
The reason the assembly is called the Robin Ross Assembly is because it is dedicated to Robin Ross. The Ross Family sent their children to The Peck School when they were young and they are still supporters of our school. The assembly is dedicated to Robin Ross, their daughter who recently died.

The first Robin Ross Assembly felt warm, friendly, and good. Last year the person, Maggie Doyne who was being recognized for her outstanding character was actually living on the other side of the world and had to send a clip of herself to be shown at the assembly. Maggie has visited us a couple of times since then. The Robin Ross Assembly is great and we know that everyone loves it.